e-Nigeria 2018 Conference themes
William Shakespeare asked what is a city but the people? What is technology in our cities, homes, public and private organizations without the people? The e-Nigeria Conference, Exhibition and Awards 2018 theme, Securing the Future of the Nigerian Citizen puts the Nigerian citizen at the centre of technology innovation, adaptation and consumption. The digital economy promises the Nigerian citizen unprecedented opportunities for better all-round quality of life and standard of living. Yet, such often comes at a big price to privacy and a new kind of inequality, among other risks.
The conference will offer a great platform for assessing existing opportunities and challenges across several sectors of the Nigerian economy. With respect to optimizing the impact of technologies and innovations on the Nigerian society, the discussions will focus on the complexity of individual and societal empowerment and safety in today’s digital environment.

Among some of the thematic areas are Sustainable urbanization, Financial Inclusion, Food Security, Democracy and Civil Education, Public Safety and Security and Inclusive Social Development.
In addition to multiple discussion and presentation sessions around the thematic areas, technology solutions and services from start-ups, innovation hubs and international enterprises and companies will be exhibited around the following key Focus Areas as contained in the National Information Technology Policy.
- e-Transportation
- e-Security
- e-Healthcare
- e-Education
- e-Government
- Sustainability – Clean energy, Smart waste