About eNigeria Conference, Exhibitions and Awards

eNigeria is Nigeria’s annual Information Technology (IT) summit by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in collaboration with relevant stakeholders from the private and public sector as well as Non-Governmental Organizations. It serves as a platform for ICT awareness creation, developing appropriate framework and setting goals for best practices in order to encourage appropriate positioning of Nigeria in the global Information Society.
Eleven editions of this summit have been held with each contributing to the development in the IT sector in the country. The 2018 edition focused more on the new strategic vision through the Ease of Doing Business Initiative and the signed Executive Order on “Made in Nigeria” goods. The outcome of this conference has led to the engagement of stakeholders on developing a National Mobile Big Data Analytic Strategy Framework and a good number of key initiatives that will revolutionize the Nigerian economy through innovative deployment of new technologies.
The 2019 edition of the conference will offer an avenue for assessing existing opportunities and challenges across several sectors of the Nigerian economy with the theme “Leveraging Technology and Indigenous Innovation to Attain the Sustainable Development Goals”. The discussions will focus on the following sub-themes:
  1. Creating New Job Opportunities and Economic development through Technological Innovation
  2. Harnessing Indigenous Innovation and Creativity for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria
  3. Leveraging Disruptive Innovation for Achieving Good Health, National Security, Anti-corruption, and Sustainable Energy Systems
  4. Improving Indigenous Technological Innovation for Building Sustainable Cities and Communities
  5. Implications of Data Protection Regulation for Open Data, Big Data Analytics, and Smart Initiatives in Building a Productive National Economy.

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